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Successfully completed Advocacy Campaign program by Shanti Foundation.
Shanti Foundation (Peace Foundation) was established in 2016 by HIV infected/ affected women and a health care researcher promoting the health, safety, and protection of vulnerable and high-risk women , youth of all genders and children. 
The aim of the Shanti Foundation is to work for the successful reintegration of sex trafficking survivors and HIV/AIDS infected/affected women, youth of all genders, and children through counselling, prevention and protection, treatment, and the development of sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment.  The promotion of awareness and education to those engaged, or at risk of becoming engaged in sex trafficking, is being completed through orientation sessions, health camps, and outreach services as well as via presentations to communities in remote areas, and in secondary and post-secondary institutions.  Through these activities, education on HIV/AIDS, sexual health, the reproductive health of women, cervical cancer, and domestic and sexual violence is accomplished.

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We are Here
For addressing the areas of education of vulnerable children, healthcare to the poor, livelihood for the youth and empowerment for infected and affected women. Mission Advocacy for peace Respect human dignity. Vision: Peace world with free of stigma and discrimination. Preserving the environment and ensuring the rights of high risk people Current Programs: Working districts of Shnti. Foundations is Sindhupalchowk, Dhading, Makawanpur, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Ongoing activities of the organizations: We are working HIV/AIDS infected field mediation reike heeling yoga and prevention, protection, vocational training, livelihood support. Current programs of Shanti Foundations: Handicraft Production Meditation program Member meetings Psychosocial Counselling Referral for treatment service. Activities : The HIV infected women
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​We works with the women living with HIV was directed at helping improve their quality of life, as well as quality of life of their families. They were trainigs and discussions on health, motherhood, HIV, sexuality, sexual relations, prevention of HIV and life with HIV, loss, suffering, human and women's rights as well as the necessity of their direct involvemnt in activities which would improve those rights. Thus we hope to improve their knowledge and preparedness to face new life challenges and empower some of them to activate in providing support and other services. Specific programs will be directed to mothers but also for those who are yet to plan and start a family.
Working Together
We believe in the power of working together with infected and affected women.