After the 2015 mega earthquake in Nepal, a series of meetings was held which included a health researcher, HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons and sex trafficking survivors.  All were motivated to work together with the common purpose of supporting the most high-risk and vulnerable populations of people.   This committee identified their primary target group as women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, CABA children and internally displaced women and children.   The committee wanted to address the safety, protection and prevention of women and children arising from human trafficking and forced internal and external migration.  The compounding factors of disabilities, physical challenges and medical diagnoses in addition to the social stigma, discrimination and structural barriers faced by women and childrenwere already known to the committee.  The committee needed support to provide awareness and education on sex trafficking and HIV/AIDS, nutritional supplements and medical care in order to assist women and children to meet their basic needs.  Through humanitarian aid support, the Shanti Foundation was formed.