1.  To create awareness and support the prevention of sex trafficking, sexual violence, and domestic violence at a national level
  2. To educate, rehabilitate, and reintegrate women, youth, and children regarding sex trafficking and sexual and domestic violence
  3. To provide psychosocial counselling, advocacy, and accessible treatment to HIV/AIDS infected/affected women, youth, and children
  4. To coordinate and collaborate with national, bilateral and multilateral organizations to reduce caste-based gender inequality and for the promotion and protection of human rights
  5. To develop technical and vocational programs leading to the sustainable development of livelihoods for HIV/AIDS infected/affected women
  6. To collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide basic health  care and treatment and to provide basic and necessary nutritional and other supportive materials
  7. To operationalize and provide programs to women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, sex related violence, domestic violence, natural disasters, and those living in high risk and vulnerable conditions